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920D Loaded Pickguards

Duncan SJBJ / SDBR / SL59 Loaded Pickguard Everything Axe W/ 2 Toggles WP/WH

$329.99 USD
Seymour Duncan Everything Axe Pickups 2 Toggles 'T' Toggle coil splits the neck and bridge pickups '7' Toggle turns on the neck pickup regardless of 5-way switch placement allowing the bridge and neck pickup to be on at the same time White Pearl 3 Ply Pickguard White Skirt Knobs Genuine CTS 250K Split Shaft Pots USA CRL 5 Way Switch...

Loaded Pickguard Ibanez JEM DiMarzio Evolution DP159 DP158 CTS CRL Gavitt

$314.99 USD
This loaded pickguard by 920D Custom Shop is designed as a retrofit replacement for Ibanez JEM guitars and any other Ibanez RT style guitars that are equipped with a double locking tremolo. The loaded pickguard features DiMarzio Evolution neck and bridge pickups with a DiMarzio ISCV in the middle, a CRL 5-way pickup selector switch, CTS 450G Series 500K potentiometers,...

920D Custom Loaded Pickguard Duncan JB TB, STK-S7 Neck, STK-S4m Middle WP/WH

$299.99 USD
* Seymour Duncan TB-4* Seymour Duncan STK-S4* Seymour Duncan STK-S7* White Pearl 3 Ply Pickguard* White Skirted Knobs* Genuine CTS 500K Pots* Vintage Wiring* Easy InstallationJB TREMBUCKERSummaryTrembucker spaced version of the legendary JB Model that has been the ultimate hot rodded humbucker for nearly four decades. A truly modern classic.DescriptionThis is the Trembucker (F-spaced) version of the JB Model humbucker....

Fender Tex-Mex 920D Loaded Pre-wired Strat Pickguard WP/WH

$144.99 USD
Fender Tex-Mex Pickups White Knobs White Pickups Standard 5-way Switching System Vintage Cloth Style Wiring White Pearl Pickguard Genuine CTS 250K Pots Easy Installation Fender Tex-Mex Pickups Like a fiery bowl of Arkansas Chili! These overwound, vintage style Strat pickups offer increased output, sparkling highs, and attention grabbing warm tone while retaining your favorite vintage Strat characteristics. Designed for and...

920D Custom Shop Rogue Lap Steel Loaded Pickguard Seymour Duncan '59 Pickup

$134.99 USD
920D Custom Shop Rogue Lap Steel Loaded Pickguard With Seymour Duncan SL59 Little '59 PickupSeymour Duncan SL59 mounted on a custom white pearl pickguard loaded with CTS 250K volume and tone pots, hand wired with vintage style cloth wire, and a switchcraft output jack.Turn your Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel into the tone monster that it wants to be!    

DiMarzio Area '58 '61 '67 Loaded Strat Pickguard WP/WH

$294.99 USD
DiMarzio Area 58 DP415 Neck Pickup DiMarzio Area 67 DP419 Middle Pickup DiMarzio Area 61 DP416 Bridge Pickup Fender Black Pearl Pickguard White Skirt Knobs Push-Pull Pot (the push pull pot activates the neck pickup, which is what we call 7- way switching.) Genuine CTS 250K Pots Vintage Wiring Easy Installation DiMarzio Area 58 There are two major differences between a...

Dimarzio DP161/ISCV2/DP166 Loaded Strat Pickguard White Pearl / White

$289.99 USD
Dimarzio DP161 Steve's Special Dimarzio ISCV2 Evoluton Dimarzio DP166 Breed White Pearl 3 Ply Pickguard Fender Chrome Knurled Dome Knobs Genuine CTS 500K Pots Vintage Wiring Easy Installation Wired in a Steve Vai JEM Wiring Configuration:   Position 1 - Bridge Humbucker Position 2 - Bridge Split w/ Middle for the 'Classic Strat' sound Position 3 - Neck Position 4...

Duncan SL59-1n/SDBR-1n/TB-PG1b Strat Loaded Pickguard White Pearl / Black

$299.99 USD
Seymour Duncan SL59-1n Seymour Duncan SDBR-1n Seymour Duncan TB-PG1b White Pearl 3 Ply Pickguard Fender Black Skirted Knobs Genuine CTS 500K Pots Bourns 500K Push-Pull Pot Vintage Wiring Easy Installation SL59-1n P.A.F.-voiced single-coil-sized humbucker. Great for country, jazz, blues, funk, classic rock and heavy rock. This little brute was designed to impart the warm, smooth tone of an old Patent...

DiMarzio Andy Timmons Loaded Strat Pickguard DP224F AT-1, DP187 Cruiser WP/WH

$304.99 USD
DiMarzio Andy Timmons Loaded Strat Pickguard DP224F AT-1, DP187 Cruiser WP/WH All of our items are custom built to order and may require a one to two business day assembly time. 920D Custom Shop Loaded pickguards feature point to point hand soldered connections with Gavitt vintage style cloth wire, CTS 500K split shaft pots, an original CRL 5-way switch, custom...