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All components that we carry and manufacture are the best on the market. While competitive and affordble, you won't find anything that's suspiciously cheap or terrible quality here. We know the highest quality components are required to truly elevate tone the way custom guitar and bass upgrades should.

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920D Custom CTS 450G Series 250K 1/4 Inch Split Shaft Potentiometer
920D Custom CTS 450G Series Potentiometers (Configurable)
  • $11.99
920D Custom Nickel Mono Output Jack
920D Custom Output Jacks (Configurable)
  • From $4.20
920D Custom Toggle Switch (Aged White Switch Tip)
920D Custom Toggle Switch (Configurable)
  • From $22.99
920D Custom 3-Way CRL Selector Switch
920D Custom Selector Switches (Configurable)
  • From $22.99
920D Custom Chrome Jazz® Bass Control Plate (3 Holes)
920D Custom Jazz® Bass Control Plates (Configurable)
  • $12.99
920D Custom Chrome Telecaster® Control Plate (Blank)
920D Custom Telecaster® Control Plates (Configurable)
  • From $11.99
920D Custom Black Flat Top Metal Knob
920D Custom Metal Knobs (Configurable)
  • From $6.99
920D Custom Set of 3 Skirted Plastic Aged White Knobs
920D Custom Stratocaster® Plastic Knobs (Configurable)
  • $6.99
920D Custom 10ft Vintage Style Pushback Wire (Shielded Braided)
920D Custom 10ft Vintage Style Pushback Wire (Configurable)
  • $8.99
920D Custom .015µF Orange Drop Capacitor
920D Custom Capacitors (Configurable)
  • $7.99
920D Custom Les Paul® Pre-Wired 3-Way Toggle with Black Switch Tip and Shielded Braided Wire
920D Custom Pre-Wired 3-Way Les Paul® Toggle w/ Shielded Braided Wire
  • $79.99