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EMG Pickups

EMG SA Stratocaster SSS Pickup Set, White

$264.00 USD
EMG-SA Set Strat Replacement Pickups - White The SA is an active single coil loaded with an Alnico V bar magnet that provides a vintage Strat single coil sound: bright, airy, with a rich bottom end. With internal shielding and a low impedance preamp, you get virtually noiseless operation at a higher output level so that all the tone makes...

EMG-SA/SA/81 Set Strat Pickup Set - White

$274.00 USD
EMG-SA/SA/81 Set Strat Replacement Pickups - WhiteBack in the early 80's the idea to add a humbucking pickup to a Stratocaster caught fire. In response to that demand we released two pre-wired combination systems, the SA/SA/81 and the SA/SA/85. Since then we've added just about every conceivable combination you can think of, and they're all available factory pre-wired. Once you've...

EMG ACS WHITE Acoustic Active Soundhole Guitar Pickup System + Free 18 ft Cable

$159.00 USD
EMG ACS WHITE Acoustic Active Soundhole Guitar Pickup System Champion fingerstylist Pat Kirtley is only one of many players who have discovered the ACS, and only an active design can deliver the kind of frequency response, output, and quiet performance needed in a sound hole pickup. The ACS employs a unique internal preamp that's been tailored for the phase and...

EMG-SAV Set Strat Replacement Pickup Set - White

$264.00 USD
EMG-SAV Set Strat Replacement PickupsThe SAV Set has the tone, clarity, responsiveness and look that vintage enthusiasts will appreciate, all topped off by EMG's reliability and quality of workmanship. Very similar to the SV, this model differs by featuring flat alnico V pole pieces, which provides the balanced field necessary for a more even response when using today's strings and...