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920D Custom Shop Fender Telecaster 4 Way Baja Control Plate w/S1 Switch, Chrome

$99.99 USD
This control plate is patterned after the Fender Baja Tele setup and features a 4 way switch and S1 switching. This kit comes pre-assembled in our 920D Custom Shop. Features: 4-way Oak Grigsby Switch Chrome Control Plate Fender S1 Switch and Pot 2 Flat Top Knobs Tele Style Switch Tip CTS 250K Pot .015µF and .047µF Orange Drop Capacitors Vintage...

920D GOLDIROCKS - Modded Gretsch G2655T with Phat Cat Pickups

$849.99 USD
Gretsch G2655T Goldilocks Modified GuitarGolirocks is a brand new Gretsch G2655T guitar that we have modified with new Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups and a 920D GR-EL wiring harness.Why do we do that? The factory guitar is beuatiful but we set them up to play spectacularly and we add top shelf pickups, potentiometers, switches, and wiring to make it sound...

920D 5 Way Wiring Harness with Fender Mid Boost Kit Prewired

$94.99 USD
This is the exact same wiring setup as found on the Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster. Fender Clapton Mid-Boost Kit 25dB Boost TBX (Treble Bass Expander CRL 5 Way Switch CTS Pots Gavitt Vintage WiringTBX TONE CONTROLThe first tone control knob operates this guitars TBX (Treble Bass Expander) tone circuitry. The knob has a detent at the center position (5)...

Fender Telecaster Loaded Pickguard Baja Twisted Tele Pickup Set T4W, PA

$264.99 USD
The 920D Custom Shop Loaded Telecaster System is a complete electronics pickup upgrade replacement solution for your Telecaster tone needs. The kit includes a durable 3-ply pickguard, Fender Twisted Tele Pickups, and a 920D Custom Shop 4 Way Baja Control Plate in Chrome. Features * Fender Twisted Tele Pickups * Parchment Pickguard * 920D Custom Shop 4 Way Baja Control...