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920D Custom PB Upgraded Replacement Wiring Harness for Staggered Style Bass

$49.99 USD
PB Staggered Bass Wiring Harness 920D Custom PB Staggered Bass Wiring Harness This 920D Custom PB Wiring Harness is a great upgrade replacement for you bass. We use top notch components in our builds to make sure that your wiring. Don't let factory wiring stand in the way of your full bass tone - upgrade to this 920D Custom PB...

920D Custom Fiesta Polyphonics Loaded S-Style Pickguard Black 2 Toggle

$299.99 USD
Pssst.... Take 15% off with code: "NEWYEAR" at checkout 👍   920D Custom's S7W-2T wiring harness combines with Fiesta Pickup’s Polyphonic set to make a potent and versatile loaded pickguard. This loaded pickguard has so many great tonal characteristics to choose from. If you’ve ever wanted to take only one guitar to the gig then install this guard on your s...

920D Custom T3W-JG-C Greenwood Control Plate w/ Coil Split, TBC, Kill Switch, Chrome

$119.99 USD
920D T3W-JG-C Loaded Control Plate w/ TBC, Split, and Kill Switch, Chrome This control plate is a must have if you have a Lace Dually in your T-Style guitar. Based on Jonny Greenwood's setup, it features a push pull pot for coil splitting, a seriously awesome kill switch, and a TBC (Treble Bass Cut) master tone control. The TBC is a...

920D Custom S5W-KIT 5-Way Wiring Kit for S-Style Guitars

$49.99 USD
S Style 5-Way Wiring Kit Up your tone game with this upgraded Strat wiring kit. This kit includes the exact same components found in our industry-leading wiring harnesses. We know quality components make a huge impact on the sound and feel of your guitar. Because of that, we have spared no expense to ensure that the components in our kit are...