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Hardware and Parts

Full Contact Hardware Fender Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge, Chrome

$162.50 USD
The "Full Contact Hardware" direct coupling system for "Stratocaster" style tremolo bridges directly replaces the entire existing bridge. The "eCam" saddle design means unwanted spaces between the bottom of the saddle and the top of the tremolo unit are eliminated. The Babicz "Full Contact Hardware" replacement tremolo system for "Stratocaster" style guitars offers unmatched stability, increased sustain, dramatically improved fullness...

Babicz Full Contact Hardware Tele Bridge Chrome

$149.99 USD
The Full Contact Hardware system with the proprietary eCAM saddle technology offers dramatic tonal and sustain improvements to the standard Telecaster type bridge. A direct replacement, and universal upgrade bridge system for any guitar equipped with a traditional 4 hole mount or American Standard 3 hole mount Telecaster style fixed bridge. This innovative solution allows for extremely fast and precise...

Gretsch Electromatic Vintage Style Open 3 x 3 Tuning Keys w/Bushings and Screws

$24.99 USD
Gretsch Electromatic Vintage Style Open 3 x 3 Tuning Keys w/Bushings and Screws These tuners were taken from a brand new Gretsch Electromatic that we modified. * Set of 6 (3x3) * Chrome Finish

Babicz Full Contact Hardware 2 Point Strat Guitar Tremolo, Chrome

$159.99 USD
Fits most American made Fender Stratocaster guitars equipped with a 2-Point fulcrum tremolo bridge. Includes tremolo, pivot studs with body inserts, springs, spring clip with screws, tremolo arm, instructions, and adjustment wrench.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware Fixed 6 Hardtail Bridge, Chrome

$139.99 USD
Universal 3-Hole mount. Fits Fender VINTAGE and AMERICAN STANDARD Strat and Tele guitars. Includes bridge, mounting screws, adjustment wrench, and instructions. *String Lefty or Righty*

Fender American Series Electric Guitar Tuners - Chrome 099-0820-100

$59.99 USD
Set of 6, Chrome Finish, Fender Tuning Machines (Used on the American Series guitars)

Babicz Z Series Hardtail Vintage Bridge, Chrome

$84.99 USD
Three hole mount, string through the body. Includes mounting screws, instructions, and 1.5mm adjustment wrench.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware 4 String Bass Bridge, Chrome

$129.99 USD
A direct replacement upgrade for Fender Precision or Jazzstyle bass bridges. Installs in minutes and offers a"saddle housing lock" feature for added saddle stability.Includes all necessary screws, instructions and adjustment wrench. Weight 3.7 oz. *String Lefty or Righty*

Babicz Full Contact Hardware 6-Point Z-Series Strat Tremolo, Chrome

$119.99 USD
Fits Fender Strats with a narrow 2-1/16" string spacing. Includes tremolo, springs, spring claw with screws, screw-in tremolo arm, pivot screws, instruction sheet, and 1.5mm adjustment wrench.