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920D Custom JMH-VINTAGE Wiring Harness for Offset Guitar

$179.99 USD
920D Custom Offset Guitar Wiring Harness Don't let factory wiring choke the true tone your pickups have to offer. This vintage style offset wiring harness is an incredible upgrade. We use only the finest components and techniques in all of our builds. You can hear the difference in your tone when you drop in this upgrade. If you're needing to give...

920D Custom Hollow Body Wiring with Quick Connects

$114.99 USD
Give your hollow body guitar a new sound with this top-of-the-line wiring harness. It features our own potentiometers, shielded wiring, and quick connects to make the installation a breeze. Don't let your stock wiring choke out your tone. This wiring upgrade will absolutely blow you away. *Please note that the stock pot shafts are a smaller diameter than standard and...

920D Custom JGH-VINTAGE Vintage Offset Guitar Wiring Harness

$169.99 USD
920D Custom JGH-VINTAGE Offset Guitar Wiring Harness If you have a vintage style guitar and are looking for a way to improve it, this wiring harness is what you're looking for. It's amazing what clean wiring and A-grade components will do to your sound. Not only will it clean up the noise and buzz that plagues so many guitars, but...

920D Custom I5WAY-SPLITS Upgraded Ibanez 5-Way Wiring Harness with Coil Split

$73.99 USD
920D Custom I5WAY-SPLITS Upgraded Ibanez 5-Way Wiring Harness w/ Coil Split This modded wiring harness is built for Ibanez JEM style guitars. What makes this harness unique is the push/pull pot that allows for your bridge and neck humbuckers to be split. Splitting your humbuckers will give you a larger variety of tonal options - especially when added in with...