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Seymour Duncan SSL-1 Vintage Staggered for Strat Guitar Pickup

$59.00 USD
Our most popular single-coil for Strat. The hand-ground Alnico 5 magnetsand moderate windings (Heavy Formvar wire) yield a bright and punchy tone with vintage output. Perfect for players who need accurate traditional single-coil tone, especially with clean and mildly distortede amp settings. Compared to the APS-1, the SSL-1 has a more focused 'bell' tone with a light bass response. Comes...

Dimarzio DP186BK Cruiser Neck Pickup for Stratocaster

$79.99 USD
If you're a serious traditional Strat player, you probably won't want to know about pickups with side-by-side coils. But if you're the player who's up for something more modern with no 60-cycle hum, string drop-outs or sustain-killing magnet pull, we designed The Cruiser for you. Harmonic overtones are right where you expect them to be from a true single-coil, and...

Seymour Duncan SH-2n Jazz Model Humbucker Pickup Black

$79.00 USD
Description Provides an articulate and clear tone. Great for fast runs. The brighter tone has slightly less output and is a good match with most bridge pickups. When distorted, the tone is full and bright. Smooth sustain. Compared to the SH-1 '59 Model, the Jazz has slightly less output and a more detailed treble response. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable....

DiMarzio ISCV2 Steve Vai Ibanez Evolution Middle Pickup Black

$49.99 USD
The DiMarzio Evolution Middle pickup is designed to be part of the Evo and Evo2 range. Details: Middle position single coil pickup compliments the Evo and Evo2 humbuckers

Seymour Duncan SHPR-1 P-Rails Humbucker Guitar Pickup Set, Black

$195.00 USD
Seymour Duncan SHPR-1n and SHPR-1b P-Rails Humbucker Set- Black Description Until now, if you wanted humbucker, P-90, and vintage Strat tones, you'd have to haul three guitars to the gig. Enter P-Rails. It's a full-size humbucker that splits to either a full-size P-90 or a special Alnico-powered single-coil Rail pickup. The humbucker sound is full and expansive, owing to the...

Fishman Fluence Rechargeable 9V Battery Pack for Strat, White PRO-BPK-FSW

$99.95 USD
Fishman Fluence Rechargeable 9V Battery Pack for Strat, White PRO-BPK-FSW Save Money & Save the Planet - Never change batteries again. Direct-fit replacements for the back/vibrato cover on a Strat. The ideal power solution for Fishman Fluence pickups, these lithium-ion packs require no modification of your guitar, and can also be used to power other on-board 9V pickups and accessories....

CDE Type 715P, .022F Orange Drop, Polypropylene Film/Foil Capacitor

$2.00 USD
Cornell-Dubilier (CDE) Type 715P, .022µF Orange Drop, Polypropylene Film/Foil Capacitor The 716P series is manufactured with polypropylene film and extended foil. Polypropylene has a very low dissipation factor, low dielectric absorption and exhibits excellent capacitance stability. Features .022µF Capacitance 5% Capacitance Tolerance Straight Leads Pressed Body Type 100V  

Seymour Duncan SDBR-1 Duckbuckers Guitar Pickup White

$85.00 USD
Description Using a design and a voicing based on Vintage Rails, Duckbuckers incorporate six fully adjustable pole pieces together with a unique, split blade design. You get all the warm tone, cool output, and outrageous 'quack' of a vintage Strat pickup, but no hum. Though tonally similar to Vintage Rails, the mini pole piece design behaves more like a traditional...