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Porter Pickups

Porter WRH Standard Humbucker Sized Wide Range Pickup

$125.00 USD
The WRH humbuckers are a standard humbucker sized version of our full sized WR pickups. We feature the same coil design, winds and magnets just in the smaller humbucker package. These pickups have great clarity and BIG clean tone. With the overwound bobbins, they do very well taming bright guitar and respond nicely to volume changes. Notes on these pickups just out very...

Porter Standard Humbucker Pickup Set - Choose Your Color and Combination!

$250.00 USD
Smooth-Classic Our best seller! Versatile tones from neck to bridge and a great middle position. You get the great lows and softer respond of the neck positions for clean chords and the bridge that can rock if needed.  Classic-Classic This is a great combination when you need a little more crispness from the neck position vs our Smooth model. Tones are still...

Porter PTH Porter'Tron Humbucker Pickups

$250.00 USD
The Porter-Tron humbuckers feature a custom cover and dual rows of adjustable polepieces. They give you great tonal flexibility and an increased range of magnetism transfer on the strings. They are a full-sized humbucker, with our Classic wind under the hood and custom laser cut tops. NOTE: These are full sized humbuckers and will only fit in regular humbucker routed...

Porter SMH Smooth Humbucker Pickups

$115.00 USD
Porter Smooth Humbucker Pickups have great mid range but also distort smoothly. They also have good clean and sustain for a well balanced pickup. The Smooth Humbucker shines with light overdrive and riffs, and has a non-harsh tone for strumming and complex clean chord applications. They have a little more low end tone than other pickups we sell, but don’t...

Porter CLH Classic Humbucker Individual

$115.00 USD
Porter Classic Humbucker Pickups offer a great vintage tone that is nice and warm, but distorts smoothly. They feature a AlNiCo V magnet, and can be wound to your specs depending on the output you are looking for. The pickups would match with any type of guitar from solid bodies to hollows. The Classic Humbuckers provide a nice clean sound...

Porter CLR Clear Humbucker Individual

$115.00 USD
Porter Clear Humbuckers have a brighter and more clear tone with a bit more treble. They sound great distorted and really cut through in a band or solo setting. Their tone can be used for a wide range of style They feature a Ceramic Magnet, for huge and articulate leads, and chunky riffs. Typically the Clears are wound over the...

Porter ODH Overdrive Humbucker Individual

$115.00 USD
The Porter Overdrive humbuckers themselves don’t actually overdrive, but if you’re looking for a great sound when using distortion, these are the ones you want. Typically it works best as a bridge pickup. They have a high output with great mids, highs and attack. They feature am AlNiCo 8 magnet, which is aggressive in pull and charge. They can be...

Porter BLH Blender Humbucker

$130.00 USD
The Porter Blender Humbucker is truly a custom pickup. All of our pickups are custom, but this one takes things a step further. We use 4 different wires throughout one set of two blender humbuckers. That’s where the “Blender” aspect comes in. Through our pickup line development, and through much testing and tweaking the winds, the Blenders were born. We...