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920D Custom ES335-PAGE Wiring Harness for Gibson/Epiphone ES335 w/ Four Push/Pulls for Jimmy Page Style Wiring

$139.99 USD
ES335-PAGE Gibson Wiring Harness 920D Custom ES335-PAGE Gibson Wiring Harness This harness will take your existing ES335 from stock to rock in no time at all. It utilizes a wiring schematic made popular by Jimmy Page and features 4 push/pull pots that will add to your pickup configurations - 21 combinations to be exact. Independent coil splitting, phase control, and...

920D Custom ES335-50S Upgraded Replacement ES-335 Wiring with Paper-In-Oil Capacitors

$109.99 USD
ES335-50S Gibson Wiring Harness 920D Custom ES335-50S Gibson Wiring Harness A 920D Custom ES335-50S Wiring Harness is built to easily drop into your guitar and totally transform your tone. With genuine paper in oil capacitors your guitar will have the classic sound of a vintage ES-335. This wiring scheme provides a tight, transparent tone. Unlike modern wiring schemes, it features...