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Rickenbacker Wiring Harnesses

920D Custom RIC-B+S Rickenbacker 4000 Series Wiring Harness with Stereo Ric-O-Sound Outputs

$111.99 USD
This 920D Custom wiring harness is an excellent upgrade / replacement for a 4000 Series Rickenbacker. Our industry leading wiring, partnered with their unique dual output mono/stereo setup, makes for quite an improvement in noise rejection and overall tone. It features our iconic orange and white twisted wiring, our unrivaled craftsmanship, and our premium components. If you're looking to upgrade...

920D Custom RIC-B Wiring Harness for Mono Rickenbacker 4000 Series Basses, Solid Shaft Pots + Orange Drop .047uF Caps

$99.99 USD
920D Custom Shop Wiring Harness for Rickenbacker 4000 Series Bass Guitar This listing is for a new 920D Custom Shop wiring harness with premium components that is based on the Duncan recommended diagram for this pickup set. Components Switchcraft 3 Way Switch CTS 450G Series 250K Solid Shaft Pots CTS 450G Series 500K Solid Shaft Pots Orange Drop .047µF Capacitors...