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Telecaster® Control Plate Upgrades - Built to Outperform

Every piece of our Telecaster® Control Plate Upgrades, from the wiring, to the components, to the plate it's all mounted on, was designed and built with one goal - to give you a massive upgrade that's simple to install.

All of our Telecaster® Control Plates feature the highest quality components and are perfectly tuned to annihalate the performance of stock control plates.

3 products found in Telecaster® Control Plate Wiring

920D Custom TMAS-C Upgraded Nashville Style 3-Way Chrome Control Plate
920D Custom Nashville Style Telecaster® 3-Way Control Plate Upgrade
  • $169.99
920D Custom TESQ-ELD-C Upgraded Telecaster® Single Pickup 3 Way Control Plate
920D Custom Telecaster® 3-Way Single Pickup Control Plate Upgrade
  • $129.99
920D Custom T7W-C Upgraded 7-Way Chrome Control Plate for Telecasters®
920D Custom Telecaster® 7-Way Control Plate Upgrade
  • $129.99