MIM Strat, with Everything Axe loaded pickguard, and Babicz bridge. Love it!


Neck: Ambrosia Maple

Body: Walnut

Bridge: Original Floyd Rose Limited 1984 Model with Fat Brass Block, Heavy Duty Noiseless Springs and Trem block/stabilizer

Tuners: Hipshot Locking Staggered with custom knobs

EVH D-Tuna

920d Custom Loaded Pickguard!
Pickups: All Seymour Duncans Bridge: Hot Rails
Middle: Vintage Rails
Neck: Cool Rails
- 2 Mini Toggle Switches that control coil splitting and keeping the neck pickup on in all positions.
- Custom Volume-Tone-Tone knobs

Basically, you can get just about any tone you can think of out of this guitar and play any style you want. It’s a beast!


Body built at home, solid oak body, Strat neck attached. Athens “Oakcaster.” It’s 1.5” thick, to cut the weight a bit.


I had a custom VTS Strat built by the great folks at MJT, and bought a tortoise pickguard loaded with Fralin Blues Specials. When MJT got the pickguard, they asked where I got it, because it made the build so much quicker and more convenient. MJT says it's the best sounding Strat they've ever heard, and I have to agree!


It was a relatively simple guitar but since the mods with your Duncan SSL-1 California 50’s Pickguard w/7 Way, PA/AW now a MONSTER😉


it's a mexican strat
the finish is called splatter
it's a NAMM exclusive from 2003

I take a loaded pickguard with ssl1 pickup for classic strat tone and change all the wiring at the same time


I have a mim standard Strat that I bought in 2011. I’m only a church player. I upgraded the nut to bone and have had threes different sets of pickups in it. Stock single coils then a pearly gates him bucket with fender noiseless pickups. I recently put in a 920d 7 way wired pick guard with Seymour Duncan ssl-1s. They even customized the colors I wanted.


I assembled the entire guitar from scratch with Warmoth body and custom roasted maple neck titled headstock


7Way Switching Loaded Pickguard with Klein Jazzy Cats. I’ve had it and gigged with it for 2 years. I’m never changing these pickups or modding my guitar again after this. Best in the business in my humble opinion! Couldn’t have asked for better sounding setup from a better company!!


Upgraded this mex flame maple cherry burst strat with 920D texas vintage loaded pickguard! Looks and sounds awesome!!


Custom built in our Atlanta, GA shop. Nitro finish over Roasted birdseye maple top, African Sapele body. The pickups are killer! We dropped the Texas Vintage loaded pickguard into this bad boy. Love the tone! Traditional strat tone but with some heat. The pickups sound beautiful through a clean channel but take overdrive really well. 920D once again making us look much cooler than we really are!


I bought my Stormtrooper strat a few years ago, I always liked the tone and feel of this guitar, beside the great look and contrast of the colors, but I had a plan to make this guitar the best it can possibly be, begining of July I decided to pull the trigger on the upgrade for this guitar, after a extensive research I decided for a loaded pickguard from Lambertones with a 920D custom wiring harness, it was the best decision ever, I literally impossible to make this guitar any better. I can't say thank you enough!! You guys Rock!!!


I found this 1980s Custom Shop strat at a pawn shop. It’s serial had been removed. I bought it for slightly less than 200. After much research from the neck, body original electronics I was able to determine it to be a 80’s American. It was great right off the bat but I wanted a project. I like projects. I spent around a month and a half stripping the original finish and lacquer. Which was quite the pain. Afterwards I took a shot at hydro dipping the guitar for a custom paint job. It did not go as planned but I must say better than what I originally shot for. I love versatile guitars and love 920D. This is my third axe with 920 products. I went for the Everything Axe loaded pickguard for this baby. The options are amazing and just about almost endless. Being in a rock n roll funk exploratory Jam Band this guitar is all I will need. Due to the pandemic it won’t be on the road for some time with my band Vintage Pistol. Although many songs will be written demoed and recorded. I can’t seem to put this guitar down.


squier That I bought for 35 US dollars


Bought my 2013 American Standard Strat and put a 920D loaded pickguard with Seymour Duncan SSL-1’s in it. Great vintage tone. I don’t gig, but play it daily at home.


Partocaster for customer;)


My second ash strat 'partscaster" build. The 920D loaded pickguard with Seymour Duncan SSL-4 Qarter Pound pickup set wired with fender blender circuit dropped in painlessly. I love the ability to blend in either the neck or bridge pickups and have all three active in the mix. The custom 'big block' brass Rutters bridge (thanks Marc!) is phenomenal. She's a tone monster! The guitar feels and looks great in candy apple red with birdseye maple neck.


I built a Warmoth strat in with a roasted maple neck, gold hardware, and black knobs & lace sensors (red bridge, silver middle, blue neck).


This is my MIM Strat that I purchased new in 2001. Over the years I have modified it with: Gotoh locking tuners, bone nut, jumbo frets (6100), and Callaham bridge. I even took some sand paper to the body because I don't like shiny things. I've recently upgraded with a 920Custom loaded pickguard with Vintage Texas pups. I love the tone and feel of these pups! I've done hundreds of gigs with this guitar and can't wait to do 1000's more!


The pick guard originally went into my MIM Strat. I have now moved it to my first ever kit built guitar, a Strat Type. I named it the COVIDCASTER. Painted Ford Royal Blue. The 920D is way to good for this kit build. I will use it to upgrade another guitar. It sounded great on my MIM Strat. I recommend to anyone.


One of a kind guitar, the guys at 920D did exactly what I wanted and two steps further making this the ultimate everything axe.


GLS Custom Build American Eagle Stratocaster with Loaded pick guard from 920D Custom. Seymour Duncan pickups and 7 way Selector switch and 2 Toggle Switches for multiple sound selection. Babicz Bridge, Fender Locking Tuners. Fantastic Guitar.


The guitar I now call “Pickle” started out as a stock 1976 Fender Stratocaster, which I purchased from the original owner in 1985. She was my first “real” guitar. She had an ash body with a clear finish (that had already started to amber), a white pickguard with single coils, and that glorious oversized headstock.
These guitars weren’t worth much then and I was playing in a rock band at the time, so I gave her the whole 80’s treatment---adding a Seymour Duncan JB humbucker, locking machine heads, a graphite nut, and non-fine-tuner Floyd Rose tremolo (yes, the original before “the Original”).
After playing her in that configuration for almost two decades, I eventually switched to an Ibanez and the Strat was relegated to her case for the next 10-12 years
Recently, I decided to rebuild her…make her stronger…faster…nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh….dat dat dat dat dat dat. (If you get that reference, I know you’re at least as old as I am.) And since I figured that my 80’s modifications had already destroyed any collector value she might have, I was free to do whatever I wanted.
I’ve never much cared for the natural finish, but I loved the ash woodgrain and wanted to accentuate it as much as possible. So I stripped off the thick polyester coating, sanded through all the grain filler, and then used a Nyalox wheel to achieve an almost sandblasted texture that really made the grain pop. I hand finished the body using some stains from Wudtone.

I then tackled the neck. The stock maple neck had a relatively thin U-shaped profile that was very comfortable. But the original radius was 7.25” and the frets were thin and very worn. After getting some sage advice directly from Dan Erlewine himself…thanks again, Dan!...I re-radiused the neck to a much more playable 12” radius and installed jumbo stainless steel frets. The graphite nut I used in the 80’s still worked perfectly and with the addition of some GraphTech Ratio locking tuners, I was able to call the neck “done.”
Next came the electronics. For a minute or two, I toyed with the idea of re-using my old pickups and trying to wire up a pickguard myself. But after getting this far, I wasn’t going to half-ass my way to the finish line. So I decided to leave it to the pros at 920D. I sent them email outlining what I was looking for and in just a few weeks I received a gorgeous tortoise shell pickguard, loaded with Seymour Duncan single stacks upfront and a JB humbucker in the bridge, wired to auto-split in the 4th switch position.
And finally, I set the old NFT Floyd aside for another build and installed a new Schaller Vintage roller tremolo, which fit the Floyd studs perfectly. (Guitar geek note: If you have Floyd posts installed at 25.25” or more, the Schaller Vintage will retrofit with enough saddle play to intonate. But if your Floyd posts are installed at 25”, the Schaller Vintage will not have enough saddle play to intonate properly.)
Since the rebuild, my Ibanez is now taking a turn in the case and I’ve been playing Pickle every day. She sounds great. She plays wonderfully. And in my biased opinion, she’s a one-of-kind beauty.
It was a lot of work. And some will say that I should’ve just sold her and bought a new guitar. But it’s hard to convey just how satisfying it is to rebuild your first real guitar…it’s like breathing new life into an old friend.


I saw this 2016 Strat with JBE’s, Babicz bridge, Hipshot locking tuners, and unique pickguard. I bought it in 2017. It is THE go to Strat out of 7 in my arsenal. With whisper quiet JBE’s and 7 way switching, there’s nothing else needed. A desert island guitar.


2017 Fender Custom Built Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster.
Fender American Jeff Beck Blond Adler Body, American Professional Maple Neck with Rosewood Fret Board.
920D Custom Shop Loaded Pickguard with Seymour Duncan Custom Jimi Hendrix Pickups.
Never gigged.


2018 Elite Strat with AT-1 loaded pick guard. Since installing this pick guard it is now my #1.


Fender strat 1988 USA customized with 920D everything Axe loaded pickguard with two switches !!! Sounds Great !!!


I have high-end guitars, but I stumbled on a 2004 white Strat on Ebay...It was a Made in Mexico model, but that's my birth year, so I put in a bid thinking I wouldn't win ...but I ended up getting the guitar for about $200 with a hard case, which was a great deal. When I got it, I was surprised at how comfortably it played....but the stock ceramic pickups were a little brittle and noisy for my taste-- so I bought a loaded pickguard from you with a DiMarzio Area set of pickups. I was really excited to be able to modify the guitar myself, and you guys made it easy. It's now one of my favorites-- and if I don't know much about the venue where I'm playing, it's my go-to guitar. It sounds consistently good through just about any system, and it's built like a tank. With the help of your pickups, I play this guitar all the time...often over much "better" guitars. It's rock solid, and I have the extra satisfaction of knowing that I had a hand in making it a unique instrument. Love the pickups and the upgraded wiring-- and the ability to make it happen myself. I'm 16, but I play professionally and I get a lot of compliments on the guitar wherever I go. I was hired to play with Heartbreakers in LA to honor Tom Petty last fall, and one of them lent me a guitar to use out there for the weekend so I didn't have to bring a guitar on the plane-- but I wouldn't have thought twice about using this one out there, cheap guitar or not-- it's that solid. I use it for gigs in the Northeast all the time, as well as a lot of my live feeds-- and it always sounds good...whether I'm playing solo or with a band. It's like a swiss-army knife of tones...haha. Anyway, that cheap guitar is a keeper thanks to 920D Custom. Because of that, I'm keeping you guys in mind for a Tele upgrade I'm working on...stay tuned!


Built this partscaster 15 years ago with a Warmoth neck and body. It’s had many hardware changes but always the same neck and body. This guitar slays! Simple yet solid as a rock. Tone and playability for days. Still my #1 guitar - Her name...... Excalibur🗡😂
-Compound Radius Birds Eye Maple Neck & Fretboard
-Solid One Piece Swamp Ash Body
-Schaller Locking Tuners
-Graphtech Nut
-Stainless Steel Medium Jumbo Frets
-920D Custom Phat Cats Loaded Pickguard
-Gotoh Hardtail Bridge w/Graphtech Saddles


What I bought from 920D was a set of Klein '57 pickups and a wiring harness for this Squire strat. I stripped it down to the body and neck, put in some shielding, bought a new pickguard, some purple Sperzel locking tuners and gold tailpiece, gold knobs, jack plate and pickup covers.


What I bought from 920D was a set of Klein '57 pickups and a wiring harness for this Squire strat. I stripped it down to the body and neck, put in some shielding, bought a new pickguard, some purple Sperzel locking tuners and gold tailpiece, gold knobs, jack plate and pickup covers.


This guitar is a late '90's American Standard Jeff Beck strat I bought new in 2002. I contacted you folks and you custom made a loaded pickguard with two Seymour Duncan single coils and a Dimarzio Lukather Transition in the bridge. I love this combination as it allows you to do a lot of things tone wise. I play Strats and Les Pauls with my band, and this guitar is my # 1 go to for over half of our set list and I have used it for entire shows depending on the circumstances. The Transition bridge pickup gives me great classic rock tones and I use it the majority of the time. The SD in the neck really comes in handy for several of our bluesy songs and has great sound in my opinion. All the guys in the band really like this guitar.
I am totally happy with this guitar and enjoy working with you folks. I have 3 other American Standard strats, 2 Les Paul Standards, and even a PRS Custom 24 that I have modified the pickups, pickguards and wiring harnesses with your products. I recommend your company and service any day.
I attached a video of our band, Peak City Band, playing our version of "I Put a Spell on You". I do a solo at about 2:40 in the video.

Thanks, Kevin


I built this beast as part of my therapy for a brain injury last august and i m happier than an Everglades gator at a ValueJet Smorgasboard

Body-2009 2 piece alder body from the Classic Vibe series (when they were 299&)
Neck-this was the cheapest neck on ebay i could find that had vintage tint and strat headstock
Chunky louisville slugger neck profile, 15” radius and jumbo frets.
Pus- Bare Knuckle true set set med output ( still hot) from Motor City Guitar in Detroit (95$)
Trem- Wilkinson Staggered steel block trem from WD
pickguard - gold anodized alum (fender)
Wirng - 920d custom ej harness
tuners- Guitar Fetish staggered set
Dunlop strap locks
Guitar and Guns YouTube - Dans videos are entertaining and a great way to get started ( the fretwork vids are simple and step by step )
Shes 95% done and im happy . the most dificult part was the “relicing”( or desecration , take your pick)
This was defintely a journey i wouldnt have missed


I bought it about year ago. Played a lot of gigs with it. It has texas special pickups and graphtech saddles. Very happy with it!


I use to play in a band every weekend from thursday to sunday always sounding good




Strat I saved up for mowing lawns and bought new in the 90s as a teenager. Played the living crap out of it since then. Over the years I had done some pretty careless modifications to the wiring and pickguard and sadly, it had seen better days. Realizing it was one of my most sentimental possessions yet now almost unplayable, I decided to resuscitate it with a new custom pickguard, pickups, wiring harness and various other hardware upgrades. Happy to say it should be good for at least another 25 years now.


Amazing build give excellent advise on components saw my vision clearly and delivered hassle free very impressed


Always wanted lipstick pickups in a guitar and when I saw you guys made a loaded pickguard. I was impressed.


920D Custom Texas Tumbleweeds S-Style Loaded Pickguard (White/Black)
I bought this for the vintage strat sounds. Everything that was described about the pickups were right on. Love the sound of those pickups. It feels like I went back in time and brought back pickups from a 60's strat. The sound is like it was back then.


My Fender American Professional HSS Strat.
The 920D custom harness with mini toggle coil split on the bridge pickup makes this hottie the best of both worlds!


My guitar is a 2015. COZART Stratocaster, Swamp Ash body, Canadian Maple neck with rosewood frets. Upgrades I have done is I put a 920D Gilmore wiring harness, a loaded pearl pick guard with Fender custom shop Texas Hot pups. Wilkinson 6 in line EZ-LOK Chrome 19:1 locking tuners.


920D Custom S7W 7-Way Wiring Harness This wiring harness allows 2 additional pickup configurations for your standard S style guitar. The push/pull pot turns on the neck pickup allowing you to have the bridge and neck on and all 3 pickups on together. These 2 added pickup combinations, along with our top notch wiring, will make your tone stand out. Which I love,and have been able to get different sounds especially when using pedals.


This is a Franken Strat that has a body from a Kenny Wayne Shepherd Strat and the neck is. Jimmie Vaughan Fender neck. The loaded pickguard has the Dimarzio Lincoln Brewster set from 920D. I play this guitar at church and its a keeper!


My Strat is a custom build- Body is alder by MJT Aged Finishes, neck (Maple ‘56 Deep V) and hardware are Fender Custom Shop, and Fender Texas Special Pickups in the Neck and middle positions and a Lollar Imperial in the bridge. Custom 920D Wiring harness with two mini toggle stitches for “neck-on” and bridge coil split. This allows for 11 pickup combinations.


I started with a 2016 American STD HSS Strat and swapped in a 920D P-Rails Loaded Pickguard, Locking Fender Tuners, and a TUSQ-XL Nut. I did all the work myself and I will put this guitar up against any on this Earth.


My 2006 Strat, modded with a 920D Everything Axe Loaded Pickguard. This guitar does it all. From country, to blues, to Maiden and Ozzy. Since installing this pickguard, there's nothing this Strat can't cover. I love it.


This 1983 Ibanez RS-205 is the exact model of the first electric guitar I owned. My original was new when I was 13. I found this one about 2010. The electronics were scratchy and it was risky to switch away from the neck pick-up! I ordered a loaded everything axe guard for a roadstar. The push/pull knobs didn’t have enough clearance. So I sent in the original guard and had it modified with the mini-toggles (only one hole needed to be added) and was guaranteed perfect alignment using the original guard. It’s fantastic. Sounds amazing!


2015 Fender LoneStar Stratocaster Ocean Turquoise, modified with an unfinished maple neck + the 920 Loaded pickguard, with Seymour Duncan P-Rails about a year ago.
I have three strats, three Teles and about 20 other guitars. I used the Tele extensively to gig with for about 8 years because the Tele's bridge pickup does things a Strat's brige PU can not. But, I occaisionally brought along a humbucker equiped guitar. Even though I don't care much for humbuckers, certain songs need a little more oomph. I do love P90s, so when I read about P-Rails pickups, I had a plan to take my LoneStar and put your loaded pickguard into it along with the neck of my dreams, an unfinished maple fretboard neck with its Fender-esque thin profile.
Since I did that, this "franken"strat has been the guitar I now use almost exclusively. I can get that same Strat honk, the extra oomph from P-90s and also the roar of a humbucker when I need it, ala covering David Gilmour as an example. I do like the pickups because the difference is the subtle amount I'm looking for, not overkill when switching between PU types. Further, I selected the two pickup option rather than three pickups because in the heat of the gig, I wanted to be able to flip between pickups without much thought, knowing that a five position selector switch takes time I don't have when gigging.
I am including a photo of my two ocean turquise colored Strats. One is "Esmeralda" this 2015 LoneStart with the loaded pickguard. I placed her beside "Lady", which is my 1966 Ocean Turquoise Strat. Lady would still like to go out dancing from time to time, but she's too valuable, so she stays home while Esmeralda gets the honors.


2012 Wine Red Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM). Replaced factory-stock parts with a 929D Custom Loaded Pickguard, equipped with 3 Fender Custom Shop '69 Stat Pickups, CTS Pots, Acme CTS Blender Tone Pot, CRL 5-Way Switch, Orange Drop Capacitor, Treble Bleed Circuit,, and Vintage Cloth Wiring, on a 3-Ply Black Pickguard. All original white plastic parts were also replaced with black parts.


Fender American Deluxe HSS strat loaded with JBE pickups, that is used every week for lead guitar at church! Best sounding strat I have ever played!


I assembled my beloved Frankenstrat myself. It has a Blacktop body (in Metallic Red!), a Deluxe neck (with LSR Roller nut and Schaller locking tuners) and a BladeRunner SuperVee bridge. The 920D Seymour Duncan loaded scratchplate is the heart of the guitar and makes it THE most versatile guitar I own. It has a pair of P-Rails at bridge and neck and a Vintage Rails in the middle. The volume and tone controls are all pull-push and (on top of the standard five-way pup selector) give Full Humbucker, Series Humbucker, Single Coil and P-90 sounds, all of which are terrific. Additionally the neck and bridge pups can be linked, in any of the above pup modes. There are SO many great tones here - I can use this guitar for an entire gig and never not have the right tone.


My Stratocaster was a session guitar in Seattle recording studio. Everyone that played it said that they loved the tone and feel. I loved it too. I retired it from service when it began to create and buzz. I set out to clean it up. After years of playing, the poor thing was rusty and beaten up. I refinished the aftermarket neck, polished the frets, pulled off the pickguard and saw that the exterior wasn't the only thing that was in need of a clean up. The interior wiring was in shambles. I turned to 920D because of their incredibly high quality wiring work. The guitar got cleaned up, all of the rustyhrusty was replaced with Fender genuine parts, I replaced the bridge with a Babicz full contact. I replaced the rusty, white Everything Axe pickups with a fresh set in parchment to match the Fender Parchment pickguard and knobs. Finished it up with Graph Tech Ratio tuning machines. It sounds and plays better than it ever did.


My guitar was a gift when I was 13 years old, it was my first electric guitar, so basically I learned all the guitar techniques I know in it.
I liked to play blues and rock n roll but also metal, so eventually I became member of 2 local metal bands by te age of 18, I never actually played it live because it wasn't that much of a metal guitar, and I had another guitar that fitted that purpose.
I wanted to revive my old strat so I can play it more, instead of buying another metal guitar I decided to make it more versatile, so i bought the prails loaded pickguard from 920D custom and it was jus perfect, much better than what I've ever expected


2006 MIM Strat. Found it on Craigslist in 2014. Added a brass tone block-I don’t notice any difference from the stock part. 920D provides great advice, then built an amazing loaded pick guard for it. Duncan Antiquity Surf pickups, master tone, and a blender pot. Turned a decent guitar into a great one. The white pick guard was the stock one. The paisley one is the 920D setup. My dad bought the amp new in 1965.


I purchased this in 2012 and played it 'as is' for over 6 years (except for the addition of graphtec saddles). It had a HSS configuration with serial/parallel switching, which was already plenty flexible. After having some issues with the pots I decided to go for an update, but wanted it to be at least as versatile. 920D did not disappoint. :-)

The Seymour Duncans really cut through the mix, and while each setting has its own use, I specifically like being able to switch between a coil splitted combination of neck and middle pickups for a classic Stratocaster clean rythm sound and using just the neck humbucker for a more Les Paul type lead tone.

Besides the tonal possibilities I love the aesthetics of this set. It has three push/pull pots, so there are no visible switches, which makes the guitar look very sleek and "low-key".


I won this Tone Specific 1970s Punchy 920D Loaded Pickguard from their sweet 4th of July Giveaway!

This was the first time i’ve ever upgraded/modded my guitar and it was so exciting! It was easy to install and the pickups sounds killer, also the modern wiring and neck-on pull pot just makes this guitar so much better and versatile.

This is my #1 guitar and i’ve played many gigs and rehearsals with these pickups and the playability and tone always blows me away. These low output 70s voiced pickups work really well into clean Fender amps for really balanced tones. They work super well with cranked AC style amps or with overdrive pedals.

The neck is warm but not too bassy, bridge pickup is bright and full (not ice picky), middle pickup is tonally balanced in between and the in between 2/4 positions are very fun to use for songs like Slow Dancing in a Burning Room ;)

Also the Neck-on pull pot adds 2 more positions to your normal 5-way switch making your guitar a 7-way strat! Neck + Bridge sounds kind of like a Tele in a way and it’s pretty cool, with all 3 pickups on it create a very unique sound that’s hard to describe but also very cool!

I’m so happy with my guitar after playing over a year now with these upgrades, i highly recommend upgrading your stock guitars cause i makes a big difference if you get some good quality products!


My ‘04 American Standard Strat was a graduation gift from my Dad’s boss, his son played when he was younger and left the guitar at home when he left for college and it sat there for a few years until my dad mentioned to his boss that I’d been looking for a strat, and he happened to have one. I got it a week after I graduated college and it’s been my #1 for a couple years. I’m more of a bedroom player/gear nerd, so I haven’t played any gigs with it. The first time I upgraded it with 920D I had a full customized pickguard put in it, Fender Jeff Beck hot noiseless pups, and Clapton mid boost kit in a reverse bridge angle pickguard. I loved it but the active setup got old after a year or so, so I recently bought new Fender 59 pickups and installed the 920D blender harness in it. I love the blender because I can dial in just a little bit of treble while using the neck pickup with the bridge blended, for a little more backbone, or dial the treble of the bridge pickup down a touch with the neck pickup blended in to soften it up. Very versatile, and all 3 pickups on at the same time is a very full sound, all around I’d recommend it.


Fender American Strat with Duncan Rails Pickguard. Hot, Vintage, and Cool Rails pickups with 2 mini toggles for more pickup combinations. Incredibly versatile setup for anything from hard rock, blues, or softer rock. I have used many different pickguards and this is my favorite.


This is a zebra wood parts Strat. I sourced the parts from different locations in raw form and prepared and finished the guitar myself. I fitted the guitar with premium parts and completed the whole set up myself. Obviously the biggest investment was my electronics and it plays like a dream. The tones from the quarter pounder pick guard are soulful to say the least. I have yet to gig with it and I am still waiting for the custom locking sperzals, but I have a black set on at the moment. It is due for some professional photography, so happy to send you them. It was my intent anyway.


2015 Fender Pearl White American Deluxe Stratocaster. Adler Body, one piece Maple Beck.
It has a 920D Custom David Gilmore Loaded Pickguard with a
S-1 Switch instead of toggle switch.
Never gigged, perfect for any type of music.


I saw this 2016 Strat with JBE’s, Babicz bridge, Hipshot locking tuners, and unique pickguard. I bought it in 2017. It is THE go to Strat out of 7 in my arsenal. With whisper quiet JBE’s and 7 way switching, there’s nothing else needed. A desert island guitar.


2017 Fender Custom Built Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster.
Fender American Jeff Beck Blond Adler Body, American Professional Maple Neck with Rosewood Fret Board.
920D Custom Shop Loaded Pickguard with Seymour Duncan Custom Jimi Hendrix Pickups.
Never gigged.


2018 Elite Strat with AT-1 loaded pick guard. Since installing this pick guard it is now my #1.


I purchased this late `80s Japanese Squier Strat new in Atlanta. Even though I never became much of a player I've moved it from college to several homes. I know now that I was pretty lucky to get a lot of guitar for the money. I recently started playing it more often, and became frustrated with its noisy switch and unreliable signal in the bridge pickup. The 920D Custom wiring harness is awesome. No scratchy noises and the guitar tone is better in every position. Next I think I might try a 920D shielded pickguard and add shielding to the body cavities. But mostly I need to practice more and maybe get some lessons!


My Partscaster guitar that a friend made for me in 2014. Love the guitar and decided to swap out the Tex Mex pickups for a loaded Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Strat pearl pick guard. I made this decision after watching Jimmy demonstrate a Phat Cat Strat on YouTube a couple of years ago. Sound amazing!


Purchased in 1986, replaced the pickguard in 2019 with a 920D pickguard loaded with SD Tex Mex single coil pickups. The neck needed a fret job so I replaced the neck with a roasted maple neck from Warmoth.


this is a very unique custom build it will have 920D TB Jones loaded pick guard (already purchased), strat maple quilt top thinline body, locking tuners, roller nut and slim C shaped rosewood neck, again a very versatile guitar with premium build and parts...


I bought a Squier Strat. in 2016, the Classic 50s style - I love the early Strats.
I loved the slim maple neck and sunburst alder body. I've upgraded just about everything on it - hardware, plastic, tuners, bridge, springs etc. In Autumn
2016 I bought a 57/62 loaded pickgaurd from 920D CUSTOM SHOP -
fitted it myself and I love it. It gives me all the Strat. sounds and tones I love.
In the past I've owned pre CBS STRATS and a Gibson SG LES PAUL.
I actually swapped the SG Les PAUL (and £50) for my second pre CBS Strat.
with Bernie Marsden in London in 1974. But I will never sell or swap this Strat. it's all I need and look for in a guitar. Best wishes,




Squire it played bad! I shimmed and reset the neck added920d harness on custom pic guard antque white with custom shop Texas specials for pickups fender custom tuners and added a Mexican big block bridge with 5 springs and now it plays like a grand piano and also sounds wonderful and to this day will put it up against any genuine strat anytime 20th anniversary hot squire Thank guys


I have a everything axe loaded pickguard on my MIM stratocaster. I built the guitar in 2019.


It is a Custom Build Longhorn (strat) with Lambertones Triple Shots and 920D Custom S5W Upgraded Replacement 5 Way Wiring for S Style Guitar.


Late 80's MIJ Squier Bullet. Custom pickguard loaded with Porter Modern Strat pickups. 920D Strat wiring harness with one Tone pot removed.


Got it in 2018. Has a 2017 serial number. Bought it because I really wanted a strat. The mexi strat pickups weren't as "stratty" as I wanted it to be. So, I bought this tortoise loaded pickguard with Fender Tex-Mex Pickups from 920D. Sounds great!


Bought it new in Manny's in 1975 in nyc, played gigs all
over nyc in the soul groove exchange. kept it stock except for 5 way switch put on at Matt Umanov's until I ordered and installed a new tortoise pickguard with fender tex-mex pickups. soon to have new frets.


This was an old black Mexican Squier Strat that @bandwalden asked me to refinish, using as much creativity as I liked. Stripped the old thick black lacquer and repainted with a new design. Installed a 920D 920D Custom Loaded Pickguard Seymour Duncan Everything Axe Two Toggle Black. I replaced the black pckguard with a clear polycarbonate copy to show off the electronics! It sounds incredible. The refinish is on my IG @treble.clef.guitars


This is a custom modern strat half signature Jeff Beck and half signature Eric Clapton, it has a 920D Eric Clapton mid boost pre-ampted pick guard, locking tuners and premium hardware fittings an build, very unique guitar, plays like butter, sounds incredible.


Early 80's MIJ ash body,custom roasted maple neck with Gotoh locking tuners and loaded everything pick guard ! It's a beast


I built a beautiful partscaster. Using a Candy apple red Strat body, a Fender roasted maple 12" radius 22 jumbo fret neck. Then I installed a 920D Seymour Duncan's everything ax loaded pickguard and a chrome Wilkinson vibrato bridge. It sings like a humming bird and it's beautiful to behold.


This is a Players series Strat with a color shift paint job. The neck and middle are Klein jazzy cats and the bridge is a dimarzio area 61.


Another kit strat with 920D Custom Seymour Duncan TB-4 / STK-S4m / STK-S7 Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard w/ 7-Way and Coil Split, WP/WH × 1. Guitar I'm learning to play on. Very pleased here with 920D Custom quality and workmanship.


Just got this pit together, ready to string it up & see how it sounds!