This guitar was built in 2020. 920D custom wiring harness and control plate with jazz bass knobs. Roasted maple 24 3/4 Warmoth tele neck plekked and professionally setup, WArmoth Swamp Ash body painted sea foam blue with all custom contours, Magneto Design Lab 63 FBH pickups based on a 63 Firebird. Plays and sounds great and become my new number 1!!!


Used but like new G&L ASAT Classic Thinline Bluesboy.
Great guitar in stock form, but the 4-way Baja-style control plate w/ P/P switch took it to a whole other level!

B Davis

A part build for a customer


I bought my American Elite Tele in 2017, it had been on the wall at my favorite music store for nearly a year. I was angling to get a Tele to play country music but a Baja that I bought a couple of years earlier dampened my enthusiasm as it was difficult to play for me. When I finally tried the Elite I was amazed at how easy to play and lightweight it was. Later I decided to use the Elite for other gigs besides country (Elvis). That's when I decided to install a Middle pickup and go James Burton with a 920D Control plate. Since then I've been able to have Tele and Strat tones with a 5-way switch. An S1 switch in the Volume knob allows parallel pickup combinations with the switch up, while switch down gives the Strat configuration.


Bought this guitar used on Reverb with the original Fender humbuckers. I swapped them for some Revel pickups, but wanted to make it more versatile, so after seeing the Seymour Duncan P-Rails loaded pickguard on your website I thought they would do the trick- and I was right! I love them! The P90's really add another dimension to this guitar. I use this guitar mostly in my home studio.


The very first guitar I built!!! One of many now ! Lol. I use it mainly for church and home use. It’s a Brent Mason setup with a bibicz bridge . Plays and sounds awesome. I have bought several products from here and love their products.


This Esquire Custom was the first guitar I built from scratch. It features an alder body, flame maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. It was super fun to plan out and build my ultimate Tele style guitar. I chose a Mastery Bridge, Bigsby B5 vibrato and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickup. The 920D wiring harness allows me to get three
different sounds from the single pickup.


This was a strange purchase, I have been against owning a Fender for many years, but an ad showed up For a MIM Fender Telecaster and the price was right and I thought, I wonder what it's like to play and own a telecaster, so I picked it up and it's forever going to be in my arsenal. It was cool having the H-H configuration of the humbucker pickups and I immediately knew I needed to do something special to them, so I changed them out with DiMarzio pickups and put in a 920D Custom Shop T3W-500-SP-C 3-Way Tele HH Control Plate w/ 500K Split-Shaft Pots. This guitar has been used for live shows and some recording. It's fun to play, it looks cool and has all the functionality I need to get nice punk sounds from the humbuckers, or hot single coil leads and country twang.


920D Custom Shop 7 way push/pull tone pot to add the neck pickup to any combination
Modern Vintage Custom Shop boutique overwound, reverse wound, chrome lipstick neck pickup @6.4k
Seymour Duncan Pro Shop 1/4 pound high output in the middle @17k
Seymour Duncan Pro Shop STL-2 ""Hot for Tele"" in the bridge @16.7k
CRL 5 way switch, CTS pots, Switchcraft Black electrosocket input jack
Black top style Witch hat control knobs
GraphTech nut and String trees
Schaller Strap locks


Custom tele style guitar... reddish one has a pine body, red stain, matte finish, Warmoth neck, Seymour Duncan hot for tele pickups, 920d 4 way wiring harness w series/parallel option. Has a Bigsby with black tusq nut.Great in the mix when recording, warm tone in the neck pickup, beautiful and functional. Still need to install the string trees and the decal on the headstock. Plays like a dream with low action and no buzz.

The neighbor in the photo is also a custom tele with the lace pickups, reworked tele neck, and babicz bridge. The lace pickup setup is also a 920d custom pickguard, used to be a faded green but swapped the pickguard for the pearl.

Both are used constantly, and much beloved!


I made it. I’m a luthier


Fender Telecaster. More like a partscaster. The previous owner installed a graphite nut, Grover tuners, and mini humbucker, 5 position switch, strat middle pickup. It was too noisy and I installed your Brent Mason kit and love it. I am using the mini humbucker it had because it's supposedly out of a 63 LP and that would make it even more like Brent Mason's guitar. Don't gig any more, but I am using it to record original material.


It is a Partscaster you guys assembled for me. It has Lollar Special T in neck, Seymour Duncan PRail in Bridge. Controls are a custom job you guys put together with toggle to control the PRail.


Recently built this parts caster which features a reverse 3 way tele control plate, Tex Mex pickups, and a maple neck. Played probably 5 gigs with it so for and love it! Turns quite a few heads too.


I built the Tele a few years ago. It is a "partscaster" that I purchased a body and started building. I chose the 4 way Tele complete control plate to go with the Seymour Duncan pickups. I had purchased previously and knew the quality work and this time I even talked to the tech that said he would build it for me. Always great and a fair price!


I got this plain dark red Mexican Tele in an auction, and wanted to distress it and then mod it up a bit with a: 920D Custom Seymour Duncan STK-T3b / STK-S2n / SM-1n Loaded Brent Mason Style Nashville T Style Pickguard w/ TMAS-C Control Plate, Blue Shell. It sounds great and looks great!! This was my first attempt at distressing, made a few mistakes, but overallI think it came out good. And I love the sound.


It’s not the first 920D modified guitar or bass that I have. Currently every electric instrument I own has a 920D mod!
This particular guitar is a new Fender Vintera 60s Telecaster. She has a reverse wired plate w/ treble boost and a four-way switch for series/parallel.
I also have a Mastery bridge & string tree installed and Schaller strap locks. The Bigsby came with this series model.


I have 2 Jimmy Darr custom telecasters. Both built at the 920D shop!
Jimmy should remember the details. 😎


This is a Fender Performer Tele that I bought almost 2 years ago. I’ve added locking tuners, Fender gen 4 noiseless Tele pickups and a 920D 4 way Baja control plate. This guitar plays and sounds awesome, I have a hard time putting it down!


A 2004 MIJ ‘60’s Tele Custom Bigsby, I bought it in 2008 from the original owner in mint condition. About 3 years ago, I contacted Jimmy Darr to build me a triple JBE loaded pickguard like the Brent Mason, but 7 way with no third knob. It is a real workhorse, and everowants to buy it. Sorry, folks. This one will be here when I assume room temperature.


2015 American Tele. I mostly record with it. I changed out the pick guard, pick ups wiring harness and control plate from you guys, locking tuners and a Babicz FullContact bridge.


The body is a Fender MIM Baja and the neck is a 60's reissue ( I think). I got rid of the neck pick-up and routed it out and put in a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder in the bridge. I got all the pre-wired control plate with the S1 switch from 920D.


Amazing quality, no buzzing or unwanted sounds. Jack and pots holding up incredibly well!


Purchased my Nashville Tele in Feb 2018. Upgraded to 920D Brent Mason wiring configuration and pickups. Its a monster now and will do anything I need it to do.
I play mostly at church and we do everything from hymns to Southern Gospel to modern Praise and Worship and my Tele does them all very well. I also like playing traditional country like Haggard and such and this guitar creates that traditional Tele very nicely too.


Squier Classic Vibe 70's Telecaster Deluxe
Bought November 2019.
Wanted a cool looking guitar to do a few mods too.
Installed the P-Rails Loaded Pickguard for versatility.


Another partcaster project keith richards inspired


The guitar is hand built by me. It is a t-style. The body was made out of all the alder I had in the shop. The body is weight relieved under the top cap. The top is book matched quilt maple. It was stained with green and blue Angelus leather dye on the front and black on the back and sides. The neck is roasted maple and the fretboard is rosewood. The tuners are Grovers and the string trees and nut are Tusq. The pickups are Seymour Duncan vintage blues humbuckers. The bridge is a top loading Fender.


Built from scratch body with Might Mite neck. The Lindy Fralin pickups sound great. Did several gigs with it and choose this over my Les Paul everytime.


This guitar was my third partscater build, and my first Tele. She started life as a '72 Thinline reissue. The semi-hollow ash body is great, but the vintage neck and stock wide range pickups just weren't working for me. The switch to a modern rosewood neck, and 920D loaded pickguard with P-Rails and coil taps made her very versatile. I'm a retired US Navy S.E.R.E. Instructor and felt led to pay tribute to our POW-MIA brothers with this one.


MJT Tele Body
Oversized Headstock 70s Strat Neck
Gold Hardware
Fralin Firebird Neck Pickup
Seymour Duncan Hot Stack Middle Pickup
Fralin Stock Tele Bridge Pickup
Brent Mason-style Wiring


I purchased this guitar just over a year ago. It is a Fender FST Tele. It was nice, but could be improved. I play every week in a worship band at a large church in NE Ohio. So, I added a 920D reverse control plate with 4-way switching and Lambertones Blondie pickups, plus compensated brass Gotoh saddles and rounded Precision bass style knobs. The guitar is shielded and cloth wired. Those upgrades took this guitar from nice to stellar. There isn't a style of music this guitar can't handle.


This is a custom tele thinline loaded with a 920D Seymour Duncan P-Rails pick gaurd, locking tuners, a 70's thinline body, a modern slim C profile neck and premium parts, build and setup, it plays fantastic, very versatile and sounds great...


I've played countless gigs using this home made guitar. It's a killer - very light and very versatile thanks to the brilliant Creamery Wide Range pickups from Manchester, England. They are used to their full potential thanks to the coil-splits and treble bleed incorporated in the 920D custom made Wiring Harness.
I've got to point out too that the customer support I received was top notch. I'm no expert in guitar wiring and the guys at 920D/Sigler Music were always ready to help via email. The prices are also very competitive even though I'm based in Wales UK. Great stuff. Thanks to you all.
Mighty Mite neck. Really nice neck. 9.5' radius, medium jumbos
Idigbo wood body - made by Jezz Woodroffe, Woodroffe Guitars in Wales. Very light and resonant. Sounds almost like a semi acoustic guitar when played unplugged. Finished in nitro by me.
'71 Wide Range pickups by Jaime at the Creamery, Manchester England. Incredible pickups. Made to split well - and they do! Does overdrive, jangle and twang no problem.
Wilkinson bridge - nickel. Does the job fine. Sustains like hell so the bridge can't be bad!


I built the body on this tele by hand. It is a soild 1.25 thick piece of quilted maple with a .5 thick koa rear cap. The inside of the body is fully chambered making this guitar weigh just under 8 pounds.

920D 4 way telecaster loaded control plate with Seymour Duncan 1/4 pound pickup set. The neck is Warmoth one piece bird's eye maple. Tuners are Hipshot, the bridge is Wilkinson.


Body built at home. Tele neck bought online. 920D p/ups and wiring harness.


I sought out to build my first guitar and I am in love. I put every ounce of passion into it and out of that passion I got a great guitar. It has flaws, but I learned a lot. Excited to start making some more guitars!


I have the opportunity to build guitars from scratch and for this project really had a goal. I wanted to make a (telecaster) guitar that breathes Country Music. A black Tele thinline, but with a normal telecaster pickguard. The guitar Ronnie Dunn uses in Little Miss Honkytonk and Hillbilly deluxe was a big inspiration.

So I started working on it creating a body, creating a neck. I had a metal eagle lying around that I wanted sunk into the body. So I made it pretty difficult for myself. Also, I didn't want a dot inlay, cause the inspiration guitar has Long-horn Bulls on the frets. I did want a flame maple neck which was different from the inspiration (rosewood). The inspiration guitar has a small cut out of the pickguard in the left bottom. I didn't want that, so something else had to be done with the F hole.

As the creating went by, I decided to go with black sparkle color and call it the 'Muricaster. I also put a long horn Bull only in the 12th fret (keep it clean). Took the logo of Brooks and Dunn, altered it slightly, so the horns would not be attached to the bull head. In order to keep the pickguard unaltered, I stopped the f hole in line with the pickguard.

I'm very happy with the outcome. The neck is satin finished and smooth as silk. It sounds like the country music beast I wanted it to sound like.

I added one halfway picture, and two when nearly done, some minor details had to be finished (like that crooked string-tree...).

I haven't performed with this guitar yet, but I'm in the process of starting a country band (with a lot of self-written material) in the Netherlands and will definitely use this a lot.

The link is to one of my soundcloud songs where this guitar is the rhythm guitar when the drums kick in, in the bridge position with the middle knob all the way open. Love that sound!


I built a Red Cedar Thinline and added 920D Fiesta Texas Tumbleweed Loaded Pickguard!! Haven't been able to gig lately due to covid 19, but it sounds amazing!!


I built a Telecaster with a mahogany body stained green allowing some red to show through. I installed a 920D loaded pickguard with DiMarzio Twang King pickups. I like this guitar as much as my Fender Telecaster.


Homemade guitar, made the body and the neck, with truss rod ,tuners, fret wire, fret markers etc from StewMac the loaded pickguard with "lil 59 " in the bridge, pre wired control plate from 920d custom. Second guitar is my Tele-Strat guitar, I had the strat neck sitting around, so I combined it with a tele body. Then added a 920d custom pickguard combo with Texas specials ( will use the pickguard on another upcoming project ) I love the control plate pre installed pots and switch, high quality , both guitars sound great both a different vibe to them. I will be starting my next homemade guitar soon and I'll be checking out the stock from 920d customs for my pickups / wiring harness needs.