Tuned for the Perfect Tone

An upgrade like you've never heard before.

There's a darned good reason why these are our all time best selling pickups. They're simply some of the best sounding single coils either side of the Mississippi. If Austin, TX style Blues or Blues Rock is your thing, you're going to want to hang a set of these bad boys in your guitar. If you're ready to take your tone to Texas sized levels, you can pick up a Texas Vintage Loaded Pickguard.

They have verything you need, pre-wired and ready to go.

Based our all-time best selling Texas Vintage pickups, our Gold Foils can take the appearance of your pickguard to the next level, while still giving you the tone that you expect. They're simply some of the best looking and sounding single coils on either side of town. The metal covers make them sound ever so slightly warmer than our famous Texas Vintage pickups. They offer increased output, sparkling highs, tight bass, and smooth warm tone, while retaining your favorite vintage pickup characteristics.

Turn your regular old guitar into a fire breathing dragon, with our incredibly versatile Polyphonics Mini Humbuckers set. These bad boys will take your breath away with robust, beefy lows and crisp, cutting highs. Because we build them with 4 conductors, they are perfect for coil splitting - allowing them to be transitioned into single-coil mode for more traditional Stratocaster® tones. If you're needing a pickup set for anything from blues to classy or heavy rock, 920D Custom Polyphonics are right up your alley.