Turn Your Guitar Into A Battle Axe

With Complete Customization, Upgrades, and Installation from 920D

Case Study #1 - Epiphone Les Paul Upgrade

Pickup Upgrades

A dream rig starts with a dream tone. For this guitar, we installed the Crema humbuckers from Lambertones Pickups. These low-output humbuckers provide unbelievable clarity, touch response, and bite. From a light picking to a hammering crunch, they respond exactly how you wish your pickups would respond.

Wiring Overhaul

What good is a top-notch pickup without internal wiring components to match? We chose our 50's style Les Paul wiring harness with treble bleed kits.

Tuner Replacement

We used Hipshot GripLock locking tuners on this project. These tuners provide an exceptional locking mechanism, making changing strings and tuning a dream. The backing plate allows you to upgrade the tuners without drilling into your headstock - so no permanent alterations.

Vibrato Installation

We installed a Bigsby B7 vibrato system with a Vibramate V7 and String Spoiler kit. The result? A beautiful vibrato system with no holes drilled in the guitar.

Custom Acrylic Cosmetic Upgrades

The beauty is in the tiny details. With a few little touches like a custom logo'd pickguard, an acrylic toggle ring, signature truss rod cover, and custom transparent rear wiring windows, this guitar is as unique as the one who owns it.

Hardware Swaps

Once we got the Cremas and Bigsby installed, this guitar was begging for some more chrome. Something as simple as swapping out old stock gold knobs with chrome domes goes a LONG way to making this guitar feel like a Swiss timepiece.

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