920D Custom Jazzmaster® Upgraded JMH-VINTAGE Wiring Harness for Offset Guitars

  • $179.99

Don't let factory wiring choke the true tone your pickups have to offer. Our Vintage Style Offset Wiring Harness is an incredible upgrade. We use only the finest components and techniques in all of our builds. You can immediately hear the difference in your tone, when you drop in this upgrade. If you're needing to give your guitar a breath of fresh air, this wiring harness is the way to go - you'll love it.


  • 920D Custom Vintage Cloth Wire
  • 2 - 920D Custom 1 Meg Split Shaft Audio Pots
  • 1 - 920D Custom / CTS 270 Series 1 Meg Solid Shaft Linear Roller Pot
  • 1 - 920D Custom / CTS 270 Series 50k Solid Shaft Linear Roller Pot
  • 1 - Switchcraft Right Angle Toggle Switch
  • 1 - Switchcraft On-On Slider Switch
  • 1 - Pure Tone Output Jack
  • Orange Drop Capacitors
  • Mounting Bracket for Rollers
  • 2 - Black Metal Roller Knobs

Get your guitar stadium ready.

Everything we build is designed to allow

you to shape your sound exactly the way you want it.


From a single component to a fully functioning Loaded

Pickguard, we help guitarists break past the limits imposed

by cheaply made stock equipment.


Unlock your potential with our superior wiring,

designs, and support.

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