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Take Your Sound to Another Level - DIY Guitar Wiring Upgrade Kits

Our DIY Guitar Wiring Upgrade Kits are built with the highest quality components

with two goals in mind. One, to give your sound an incredible upgrade. Two, to make

it as simple as possible for you to successfully upgrade your instrument. In your kit,

you'll find a wiring diagram specific to your build.


If you need a little extra help with your DIY Guitar Wiring Upgrade Kit, feel free to give

us a shout. Our customer service is top-notch. They help guitarists upgrade their

gear daily, and always get amazing feedback from those they help out.

2 products found in Offset DIY Kits

920D Custom Vintage Wiring Kit for Jazzmasters®
920D Custom Jazzmaster® Vintage Wiring Kit
  • $149.99
920D Custom Jaguar® Vintage Wiring Kit
  • $106.99