920D Custom Polyphonics Mini Humbuckers - FP-PSW

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920D Custom Polyphonics Mini Humbuckers

Turn your regular old guitar into a fire breathing dragon, with our incredibly versatile Polyphonics pickup set. These mini-humbuckers will take your breath away with robust, beefy lows and crisp, cutting highs. Because we build them with 4 conductors, they are perfect for coil splitting - allowing them to be transitioned into single-coil mode for more traditional Stratocaster® tones. If you're needing a pickup set for anything from blues to classy or heavy rock, 920D Custom Polyphonics are right up your alley.

Immaculate Wiring

All 920D Custom products are highlighted with our signature orange wire. Gavitt Wire, a leading producer of premium guitar wire, has agreed to custom manufacture our signature cloth covered pushback wire, and we believe it is the perfect choice for hotrodding your guitar. The wire is built with an outer waxed cotton layer and an inner Celanese braid that provides impressive ruggedness while still maintaining a 22 gauge thickness. Limiting the amount of wire on each build compliments your choice of pickups by creating the perfect balance between capacitance and resistance.

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Everything we build is designed to allow you to shape your sound exactly the way you want it.

From a single component to a fully functioning Loaded Pickguard, we help guitarists break past the limits imposed by cheaply made stock equipment.


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